Benefits of Belonging to FTK

The benefits of belonging to FTK  fall into both spiritual and practical categories

1.  Belonging to a larger group is always an encouragement to those of us who are in smaller churches – it helps to keep our focus on the fact that Jesus is Lord over all the earth and that the Kingdom is advancing

2.  Related to that is the fact that we can do things together

3.  The independent, non-aligned local church is far stronger being grouped together under the covering (spiritual authority and prayer covering) of a wider group.

4.  Equally, belonging to a wider group is an insurance against wandering off into error; there is upward and downward accountability

5.  We are far more likely to keep the Lord’s vision for our churches before us if we have this relationship of accountability.

6.  Resources can be shared.

7.  The FTK enables it’s member churches to comply with the challenging legal issues of running a non-Catholic church in Spain.

8.  In virtue of FTK’s membership of FEREDE some town halls are also willing to concede local charitable status – which has some financial and other benefits.

9.  FTK is recognized by Stewardship Services (the UK Evangelistic Trust) as a valid, charitable ministry and as such they are willing to process UK Gift Aid on our behalf. Those who give to any of our local congregations and who pay UK income tax may channel their giving through FTK via Stewardship.