Cortijo Grande

Cortijo Grande

Nestled amid the hills of the Sierra Cabrerra, 15 minutes from Mojacar on the coast and about 7 minutes from the town of Turre, is the valley of Cortijo Grande. It’s a gem of a location in the area – a gem of emerald with the verdant green of its Golf Course in the centre, surrounded at spacious intervals with groups of dwellings mainly inhabited by English folk.

The development in the area was begun by Paul Polansky and now has two restaurants/bars – The Almazora nearer the south end and Los Limoneros with its pool to the north, situated in the area of Jardines de Agua (Water Gardens). Los Limoneros may be in the process of refurbishment.

At times one can hear the tinkling bells of the sheep and goats as the local shepherd brings his herd to graze on the hillsides around and there’s a variety of birds in the valley that give a musical accompaniment to the beauty of the area.

As for walks, one is spoilt for choice, although all include an uphill climb at some point!   To the south east side of the valley the Rambla or river bed (which, apart from after the winter rains, is usually dry) winds its way on and upward through the territory of Cabrerra.  The developments near the top of the Sierras, opposite and higher than Cortijo Grande, can be viewed at night with their lights twinkling on the mountain side.

To arrive in Cortijo Grande from the E15, one takes Exit 520 and follows the road to Turre. After crossing two bridges, the stone arches either side of the entrance are quickly found on the right. About a mile up the hillside, there’s a choice of two approaches to the valley – the first, on the left takes one down towards Jardines de Agua, alternatively, one can continue on past the reservoir until the road drops down to the further end of the valley.