Leadership team

Neil Rees, Alison Rees, Philip Cook (pastor), Sheila McInerney and Dave McInerney

Philip Cook:

Phil was brought up in a Christian home, with parents who loved God. Once he was of age he went his own way, which took him away from God.

Throughout his working life Phil worked for himself, owning his own businesses in voice & data network cabling.

At the age of 42 Phil met his new wife, Liz, who was a Christian. With her help and encouragement he came back to God, and now knows Him as his Lord and Saviour. That was in 1999.

They lived in Rushen, Northamptonshire, but as they neared retirement, they decided they would like to live in Spain….and found Mojácar.

Phil and Liz thought they had made this decision, but it was God who brought them here. He has shown them many times that it was His heart and not their hearts that brought them to Mojácar.

God has been good to them since they laid down roots in Mojácar and allowed Philip to become the Pastor of Living Water Church in October 2022. Along with Liz and the leadership team, and with God’s help, they wait with excitement to what God has planned for this church.

Neil Rees:

Originally from South Africa, Neil came to Spain via the UK. He grew up in the Presbyterian Church in South Africa, worshipped at a New Frontiers church in the UK and led by God to the doorsteps of Living Water Church in Mojácar.

It is important to ground oneself in a Christian church in order to spiritually grow and help others to spiritually grow in their walk with Jesus Christ.

Alison Rees:

Alison is originally from South Africa. Alison and Neil left South Africa in 1999 and lived in the UK until June 2018 when they moved to start a new life in southern Spain. Living Water Church Mojácar was the extended family she was looking for in Spain. The church helped her to grow spiritually (e.g. getting baptised in May 2019) and allowed her to utilise her talents for the furtherance of God’s kingdom in Mojácar.

Alison started assisting the previous pastors with the accounts and administration of the church in October 2018. This now includes expanding the social media presence of Living Water Church Mojácar.

Sheila McInerney:

Dave and Sheila have been married for many years. Sheila had a variety of fill in jobs, including being a dinner lady and a classroom assistant, when their children were in school.

They asked Jesus into their lives 35 years ago, which led to a few unplanned adventures. The Lord then led them to Mojácar, where they now live and are involved in the leadership team of Living Water Church.

Dave McInerney:

Dave was a sailor and worked as a postman amongst other things.

After touring Spain for many years in their motorhome, God put Living Water Church Mojácar on their hearts and they stayed and got involved. Not expected but that is God all over. He calls us to do the unexpected and unplanned in Him.