The view from God’s eyes

by Dave McInerney (in Costa Calida Chronicle, May 2023)

The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.

So what creates a different view of us within God’s eyes? One view of us all by God is seen before the cross. And the other view is seen after the cross. God loves His creation; His very nature is love. His love is experienced differently by those who love and accept Him, to those who do not accept that Jesus died on the cross for us.

Two people outside on a bright sunny day can have very different experiences. The one who is in the sunshine is warm, whilst the other who is in the windy shadows can be very cold. The sun is the same, it is just the different positions we choose to stand in.

When people accept Jesus on the cross, this has the effect of changing the view in God’s eyes. God’s eyes then become filtered by the cross of Jesus. Because of this, all our misdeeds are seen differently by God. So instead of experiencing the fullness of the guilt we all deserve, we receive the experience of forgiveness and are seen by God without all our guilt. All our guilt has been left with Jesus on that cross.

Non-Christians are the unbelieving ones. By self-choice, they are choosing not to believe in His cross, but believe in themselves or other alternative things. Our God still loves them, even if they choose not to believe, but all their misdeeds are not hidden. This is the choice God gives you, because of love.

True love lets people go; true love does not force anyone to love them. Let’s be honest if everyone could do it, it would be so easy for God. He only wants people to believe in Him by their own personal choice. You do not need to practice godly habits; you don’t need degrees in theology. The thief next to Jesus on the cross did not have time to learn these things. For him, he just accepted his Saviour and that is all that he needed or had time for.

The view from God’s eyes was changed by the view of our acceptance of Jesus on the cross. Think of God’s eyes looking down on you with forgiveness and love. God always views you with love.