What is your house built on?

by Neil Rees (in Costa Calida Chronicle, September 2023)

When I say house, I am actually referring to your life. What is the foundation that you have built your life on? Is it money or fame or is it ‘likes’, retweets, shares, etc on your social media posts? Is your foundation built on what other people think of you? We live in a selfish and self-centred world where it is all about me, myself and I. What this means is that others will quite happily destroy your foundation, if they don’t agree with you or simply if they think it will make their house (life) look better if yours is destroyed. It is all fake smiles and condescending words of subtle insults, disguised as compliments. This all means that your world can very easily come tumbling down; destroyed with a tweet, a quote or photos taken out of context. Insecurities and fragile egos are very soft and easy targets for people to attack.

However, there are some people who have built their lives on a firm foundation. A foundation not of this world’s making; a foundation that will last for all eternity. I am, of course, speaking about true Christians; people who actively follow Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Yes, a Christian’s life is not always sunshine, lollipops and rainbows (song by Lesley Gore). We have to weather many storms – both internally and externally. We deal with attacks both spiritually and physically.

However, there is a difference between Christians whose foundation of their lives is God and those whose foundation for their lives is things of this world. Christians weather the storms of life way better than non-Christians. We get knocked down but we get up again (to quote Chumbawamba in Tubthumping). We will keep on getting up and going forward, because we have a purpose, a hope, a loving heavenly Father who protects us and we have a massive family that will come alongside us in times of trouble.

You need to make a choice for your life. What are you going to choose to build your life on? Is it going to be the ever changing, sinking sand that is the things of this world or are you going to choose to build your life on the rock that is God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!

The choice is yours!