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Kingfisher Church started life in 1993 as a small independent fellowship. A group of twelve people planted a church in the light of a question they were asking themselves: what would church look like if it was truly designed with the “unconvinced” in mind? Those who were truly very far from faith in Jesus Christ, with no particular faith background and who may not have ever crossed the threshold of a church building before? Adding to this, the Lord gave James a picture of a series of red dots, all linked together, and spoke into that picture, saying, “I want you to plant, not just one church, but a whole network of churches to have an impact with the Good News of the Kingdom both in the UK and around the world”.

Kingfisher was launched with that mandate, and over the years has grown with other churches being planted in the UK , all with the focus of reaching the lost and seeing them transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We have had the privilege of seeing hundreds come to know the Lord, some who have themselves gone on to pastor churches.

Initially reaching out to Malawi, Kingfisher is now active in eleven countries, planting churches, supporting existing ministries, investing in children’s education, training and equipping leaders and more.

In the UK, Kingfisher is involved in mental health support as well as enabling many with learning disabilities. A number of years ago, Kingfisher launched a social enterprise to specialise in those areas. That social enterprise now reaches out to thousands of people each week, providing help, support, hope and training to people with mental health issues, personality disorders, learning difficulties and many other challenges.

James and Jan have three children and two grandchildren. Jan is one of the founding directors of Treasure Seekers, our social enterprise, and James is the Senior Pastor of Kingfisher family, spending his time overseeing the work of Kingfisher around the world, as well as pastoring a church for those with mental health issues and learning disabilities in Gloucester, UK.

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