What’s On

Please check with us as times and locations can change for some of these events.

Sunday services:

11.00 – 13:00 Our service consists of praise, worship and teaching followed by ministry. Our Sunday service is designed to meet the needs of a multi-denominational and international community. The sermons are usually recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube channel, Living Water Church Mojácar

Tuesday bible study:

10.00 – 12:00 We provide fellowship and teaching. This is informal, which allows time for sharing. All welcome.

Tuesday prayer:

12.30 – 13:30 Praying for each other, as well as local and worldwide situations which affect our hearts. All welcome.

Thursday café church (this is closed for the summer and will resume in September):

11.00 – 13.00 A time to chat, enjoy friendships and make new friends. This is held at Masko in the Parque Comercial Mojácar. All welcome.

Monthly prayer and fasting:

On the first Tuesday of every month our church has a day of prayer and fasting. Please join us to pray for each other and specific events. All welcome.


We held a conference on 22-23 October 2022. The conference speakers were James Burn, senior pastor of Kingfisher International Ministries, and Jan Burn, one of the founding directors of Kingfisher Treasure Seekers, based in Gloucester, UK.

Our second conference was held on 28-29 October 2023. The guest speaker was James Burn from Kingfisher International Ministries, with worship by Michael and Teenie Harcus.

Teaching session: Why does God make us wait? https://youtu.be/yqvMvkWEBms

Teaching session: Healing the wounds of the heart. https://youtu.be/W0ljfFetqFo

Worship song: In the garden. https://youtu.be/0ZVQdzAC42o


Baptisms can be arranged in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea here in Mojácar Playa.

Baptisms held on 18 September 2022:

Baptisms held on 1 October 2023: